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Group Chat, Social Networking, Intranet Portal and Collaboration Software For Business

To request a live demo of our products tailored to your business objectives, please contact us at 1-289-637-9960 or email us at sales@akeni.com

The system administrator can easily create private chat rooms for business discussions and document sharing.

Our web based group chat application is easy to deploy, easy to manage, and easy to use.

If you have IIS and .NET installed already then the application can be up and running in less than 15 minutes.

We also offer instant messaging products.


Akeni Space (Group Chat)- Overview

Akeni Space offers many advantages over e-mail, instant messaging, forums and other traditional forms of collaboration:

  • Security and confidentiality: Unlike e-mail and public IM, information created and sent via Akeni Space can not be leaked out accidentally because the system is not connected to the outside world. All information sent and received are confined inside the system.
  • Fine grained access control: The administrator can control who can communicate with whom, and also which features of the system the users have access to. For example, the system can be setup so that a user can only talk to his manager and to no one else. Another example would be to disable file transfer for a select group of users.
  • Extensive Logging: Unlike instant messaging systems, past messages are stored in the server and can be recalled with only a few mouse clicks. The system can also be configured to log user activities for auditing and performance evaluation purposes.
  • No spams, virus and other distractions: Only authorized users can send and receive messages. This cuts down on e-mail spams, virus and other outside distractions that wastes user's time and energy.
  • Make corrections: Unlike e-mail and IM, if you have sent a message to the wrong person you can "recall" the message by hidding it before the other party have read it (with the exception of messages sent automatically by the system via subscription). You can also edit messages you sent out to fix any errors in them, instead of having to resend corrections.
  • History and context: When a new employee joins an organization, her inbox is empty. She has no access to past e-mails that could give her the proper context and history to aid her in her new role. With our system she can be given instant access to past postings, documents, and files to make it her productive sooner.
  • Information capture: When an employee leaves an organization, her knowledge and expertise may leave with her unless some of it has been captured in a format that can be easily accessed by the rest of the organization. With the Akeni platform information is captured in a format that can be searched, perused, and shared by everyone. The more people use it the more valuable the system becomes.
  • Structure and organization: With e-mail important information can be locked away in an employee's personal inbox and not accessible to the rest of the organization. Users needs to spend considerable amount of time organizing e-mails in their own haphazzard manner. With the judicious use of groups and tags Akeni allows messages, documents, and files to be organized and structured on a global basis so that all users can search and peruse this information in a more productive and efficient manner.
  • Versatility: Different kind of information requires different tool for effective communication. Akeni Space offers notification, instant messaging, channels, blogs, forums, status updates, personal profiles and a plethora of other tools to fulfill these different needs.
  • Simplicity and uniformity: The same clean and effective interface is used in every page, so that there is a gentle learning curve to bring all users up to speed quickly.
  • Integration: All the tools works together seamlessly. For example, you can easily upload files and images to the system and then embedded them into a blog. The file can also be sent as part of a notification.
  • Accountability: Every action taken by the users is logged and an audit trail can be made for all messages sent and updated by a user.
  • Automatic notification: Via subscription users can get automatic notification of user status changes, new messages, files and documents. This helps greatly in the dissemination and discovery of new information in the organization.
  • Auditing and version control: Messages, files and documents can be updated with new versions, but old versions are kept so that they can be referenced and also used for auditing purposes later.
  • Well balanced: There are two conflicting goals when it comes to corporate data. One goal is to share the data, so that the information is readily available to those who needs it, when they need it. The other goal is to prevent unauthorized access to confidential information. The Akeni platform is flexible enough that by assigning both the information and the users to the correct group and roles, one can achieve both goals with the minimum amount of effort.
  • Ease to setup: if you have IIS and SQL Server installed already then our application can be installed and configured in less than 15 minutes.
  • Ease of deployment: the platform is web based, so there is no desktop software to install
  • Consolidation: instead of managing separate services for blog, instant messaging, notification server, bulletin board, in/out board, etc, all these functionalities are now under one single application and managed with a easy to use web based interface.
  • No duplication of data: only a single copy of messages, files, and documents exists in the system, making it easy to keep the information up to date. This also make the job of back up the data easier.
  • Optimized for smart phone and iPad: the system has been tailored to work easily with the small touch screen that comes with mobile browsers.