Akeni Expert Server

Administration Guide
(Version 1.2)


Chapter 1: Getting Started

1.1 Expert Server Installation
1.2 Launching Akeni Expert Server
1.3 Expert Client Installation
1.4 Launching Expert Client

Chapter 2: Server Administration

2.1 Setting Up Your Server Configuration
2.1.1 Remote Server Administration Through Admin Account
2.1.2 Remote Shutdown of server through the admin account
2.1.3 Existing users can register new accounts
2.1.4 Users can search contacts using given/family names
2.1.5 Users can ask the server to send the entire user list
2.1.6 All messages are logged by the server
2.2 Advanced Options
2.3 Change Password of Admin
2.4 Running The Server as a Window NT Service

Chapter 3: User Account Management

3.1 New User Registration
3.2 Disable User's Account
3.3 Remove User From Server
3.4 Change User Password
3.5 Change User's Contact List
3.6 Change User's Account Access Rights
3.7 Change Group Access Rights

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