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Chapter 4: Other Features

4.1 Notification/Broadcasting

Sending Notifications

  • Akeni offers an instant broadcasting feature that will pop up a message on the contacts you’ve chosen.

    1. Select the group or users to who you wish to send the notification to.

    2. Press the icon.


      • Select “Action -> Notification”


      • Right click on the group.
      • Select “Notify Online Group Members”.


      • Right click on the selected contacts.
      • Select “Notify”.

    3. This will pop up the “Notification Composer”.

    4. Enter a subject heading and the message that you want to broadcast.

      .: Hint :.

      If you send the same notification often you can save the template by selecting “Make notification permanent”. In the future just select it from the subject pull down.

    5. Set the priority of the broadcast by pressing the button (located on the right top corner or your composer window).

    6. Press the “Send” button when you are ready to broadcast the notification.

    Receiving Notifications

    The first time you receive a notification it will ask you if you wish to log them.

    If you choose not to log you can turn on the option later by selecting “History -> Log To File”.

    If your notifications are being logged a check mark will appear in the “History” tab as an indicator.

    To View Notifications

    1. Select “View -> Notification Window”

    2. To switch to the history view, click on the “History” tab.


      • Press the icon.


      • Select “History -> Goto History Tab”.

    3. You can sort your notifications by priority, contact, date sent and subject by clicking their respective column tabs.

    4. To close the notification that you were viewing, press the on your toolbar.

    5. To close the notification workspace, press the button on the top right corner.

    4.2 Send Attention

    If a contact isn't responding during a chat session you can send them an alert to grab their attention.

    1. In the chat window, click on the button


      • In the chat or conference window, select “Action -> Send Attention”.

    2. This will pop up the “Send Attention” composition box. Enter a short message and press the “OK” button.

    3. The following small message will appear on their system tray to get their attention.

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